This page is dedicated to your personal stories and photos

of how WW2 affected you and your family


Story 1

From Poland via Aftica to England by Bolek Turowicz Deportation and a one way ticket to an uncertain exile.

Story 2

Siberian Baby  by Jurek Biegus A story of deportation and exile.  Jurek was born in Siberia, his father died in Katyn. His story describes the hardship and uncertainties  many  Polish families, like his, endured during WW2.

Story 3

A sad story of a Polish Solder by celina Celina sent in this heart wrenching story of her father's sad ending.

Story 4

Italy to Glasgow - by Józef (Ziutek) Raginia

 Ziutek served in the 2 corps in gen. Anders' army.  His journey on board the "CILICIA", sailing from Naples to Glasgow, was written on the back of a 1946 calendar.  The story, photo and medals were found after Ziutek's death and his full dairy from Poland to Italy will be translated into English next year.

Story 5

Italy to Glasgow Kazimierz Fałat    by Ben Fałat Kazimierz Fałat   another  Polish soldier  who came to the UK on the  "CILICIA"

Story 6

For our Grandchildren by Helen Bitner

Helen Bitner's late husband  left some tapes and notes about his life and  Helen has written up the story to  convey a 'feel' of their grandfather's experience for their English and American grandchildren.  The story recounted here starts with their arrival in the U.K. and follows the first steps towards integration into the British community.

Story 7

Our Parents Story by Elżbieta Narewska

A story of meeting and separations. Elżbietas parents met in the  Home Army (A.K.) They both fought in the Warsaw uprising and were taken prisoner on 2nd October 1944.

Story 8

Life Story of Danuta Przełęska  (nee Skiba) by Danuta Przełęska

The beginning in Poland, exiled in Siberia repatriated via Iran, Uganda and finally arriving to live a very happy life in the United Kingdom

Story 9

Memeories Found in a Small Bag   belonging to Anna Ziębicka A story build up from photos found in a small khaki army bag that was discarded  somewhere in the Exeter area. The bag was  full of photos and memorabilia  that belonged to Anna Ziębicka.

Story 10

My grandparents' life in England By Barbara Vento Chorągiewicz

A memorable winter and a wonderful spring before emigrating to Argentina.

Story 11

The  journey of the Kraushar family

from Poland to England  By Chris Kraushar

The World War exodus of Poles and their arrival in England involved a number of different geographical routes, among which that of the Kraushar family was perhaps unique.


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