Since the camp closed down in the late 50s it has become neglected. Although some of  the buildings have been used for storage, business premises and cow sheds, the whole site has now become over grown and many of the huts are falling down. Yet nostalgia still draws the people that grew up in the camp to visit and reminisce. Some of the following photographs were taken in 2005 by Rysiek Sozanski. I'd like to thank Rysiek  for his help.


This was Rysiek Sozański's first home.

The Chapel over grown with ivy hiding the large cross which is still on the wall.  Inside the chapel is now a store room.


One of the barracks that used to be the officers mess.

A brick fire place inside the barrack that used to be the officers mess.


The camps shop and hall.

Once a welcoming home with a garden.


The sound of children playing, people tending their gardens, flapping washing on the line, seems a distant past, as nature reclaims it's own.


Once homes with gardens, now cowsheds over grown and falling down.

A view of Broadway tower over the roofs of the barracks.


Photos taken in 2012

The barrack that served as the chapel with the undergrowth cleared

Some of the barracks at the top of the hill by the wood

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