People came to the camps from all walks of life and Springhill was blest with a number of talented people who through music, dance and their organisational skills enriched the lives of the people. In the very early years   one such person was Mr. Grossman. As a musician, besides playing the little organ in the camps church,  he started and directed the camps choir and band.


 Members of the choir 1950

Top Left:- Jurek Kurcz, Rysiek Orlański, Mr.Rostankowski, Wiktor, Staniaszek, ?.?, Mr. Miś, ? Kazia Sawicka, Lodzia Orlańska, Janka Sarnecka, ?? marysia Grabowiecka ? Jurek Orlański, Marysia Papuga, Janka Grzesiuk, ? Celina Sawicka, Mr. Grossman, Stasia Szałkowask, Bronia Sawicka, Fr. Kopeć, Mr. Gurdak ? Janka Patecka, Janka Żukowska, Lusia Feręc.

Marysia Papuga, Danka, Grula, Celina Sawicka, Marysia Strach, Gienia Rusnak, Basia Staniaszek, Władzia Papuga, Jurek Orlański, Lodzia Orlańska, Stasia Łyczko, Marysia Rachwal,  Władyslaw Flisek,

Srasia Szalkowska, Mr. Rostankowski, Mr. Jaksik,

Lodzia Nowakowska, Lodzia Szczęsna, Mr. Grossman,

Janka Grzesiuk,Marysia Grabowiecka.


Making music 1950

Back row;-Celina Sawicka, Dnka Grula, Halina Staniaszek, Władzia Papuga, Jurek Orlański,

Middle row;-Stasia Łyczko, Janka Papuga,

(musical director) Mr. Grosman, Romek Gurdak,

With the accordions Wiktor Staniaszek, Stasia Szalkowska, little girl Ania Bialowas Jozef Pawluk, Marysia Strach.

Mr. Grosman on the violin Stasia Szałkowaka and her husband Władyslaw on the accoredon Aniela Bogacka on the piano and in the back ground Wlasyslaw Flisek on the drums.


The National Assistance Board had a huge task on its hands. Besides providing accommodation and basic furniture in disused army camps for the Polish people arriving in England, they also had to ensure that they were adequately fed. In 1949 the Boards Catering Organizer with his staff were looking after several thousand people in 34 camps scattered throughout the English countryside. To pay their way  some people living in the camps were employed as cooks and auxiliary staff, many others found work in new by industries and factories.


1949:- Head cook with the kitchen staff that catered for the people in the camp out side the mess room.

Basia Staniaszek tending her garden looked on by her father Franciszek Staniaszek and mother Anna  looking out of their window - 1949.


Franek Sudnik and Kazik Kruszewski by the first gate to the camp - 1952.  Kazik married Basia Staniaszek in 1954.

Basia Staniaszek out side one of the administration buildings.

Tadek Rostankowski, Józef Jaksik, Stanisława Szałkowska

and Władysław  Szałkowski with camp buildings in the background



Left:- Stasia Gołoskok, Maria Gołoskok and Mrs Brzezińska out side their barrack



Right:- Ula Szwabiak outside her barrack.





Below;- some of the children in national dress.

Performance for Sister Joseph, head of St. Catherine’s School Chipping Campden;

 Zosia Kania, Bożena Wolbin, Nena Grosicka, Regina Fiedosiuk, Jadzia Sawicka, Danusia Remizo,Teresa Małyszko-Sroka, Janka Strach, Krysia Pop - 1957.

Left:- Władysław Szałkowaki at the wheel of a tractor pulling a flout, with Polish young people in national dress, through the streets of Chipping Camden on carnival day 1952.


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