PENLEY Hospital

John Pijski was born in Stanisław G√≥rny, not far from Wadowice. He fought with gen. Anders' Polish 2nd Corps (2nd. Warsaw Armoured Division) alongside the British 8th Army in Italy.  Later he served in Germany and France. He came to the UK in 1946 with the army and was sent to Penley Hospital were he worked in the transport department as a driver.  He met and married Władysława (Gladys) Gruca who was in the ATS and worked as a waitress in the staff cafeteria for doctors and nurses.  They had two children while living in Penley.  In 1952 they sailed aboard the "Queen Elizabeth" to the USA in search of a better life. John now lives in Connecticut and sent in the following photos of his time in Penley Polish Hospital.

John is on left  and Frank Kozioł on the right. The photo taken in Loreto Italy where John was stationed.

  A Lister truck which transported supplies around the camp, driven by Mr. Jasielski with two British Army assistants


Penley Hospital no.3 soccer team in the dark shirts. The players in the light shirt are Penley Hospital no. 4. The playing field is in Yscoyd Park  with some of the barracks in the background. The third person from the left in the back row of players is  John Pijski,

A game of volley ball. John is in the light colour pants to the left of the person who is about to hit the ball.


Władysława Gruca, the future Mrs. Pijski, taken at Penley. The ATS barracks are in the background.

Mr. and  Mrs. Puchalski in Penley. They emigrated to Chicago.

K. Bayer & W. Lewandowski with John's son Zdzislaw


 The Bera Wedding, John and Gladys are in the back row 3and 4 from the left

Penley Nursery John's son, Zdzisław had the large white bib.


Cyclists in front of the main Stores Warehouse at Penley.

John and  Gladys and Frank and Mary Kolacki  in front of the Dymock Arms


ijska, oWładysława Pn left, and friend in one of the walkways at Penley.

Kitchen staff. Władysława on left.

Władysława and two of her friends.


Frank Dyson and Penley residents. Mr. Dyson is in the centre. He was the Comptroller of the Storehouse. Fourth person from the left is Miko Zatorowski.

Two of the vehicles which John drove while at Penley. Ambulance on left and a supply truck.

Penley residents. From left - N. Jasieski, J. Leszczyński, J. Pijski, F. Kowski


A few of the residents photographed at the entrance to Penley. John is on the right

The Kolckoskis at their home at Penley.


John and Władyslawa's daughter, Chris, being christened in 1952 at Penley. Father W. Wysocki presiding.

Party on March 10, 1952 to celebrate Chris' christening and as a farewell for the Pijski's departure for the U.S. Władysława second from right. John fourth from right. Father W. Wysocki centre. Chris standing on table. Her brother, Zdzisław, on her left.



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