It may come as no small surprise that following The Royal British Legion the largest army veterans' organisation in the UK is the Polish Ex-Combatants Association, "SPK". Formed in 1946 it celebrated it's 60th anniversary in 2006 and, despite the natural erosion of its members as the years pass, it is still the most formidable of the organisations of the Polish community in the UK. SPK activities are numerous including cultural, social and charitable. Over the years the emphasis has changed from running or supporting; Polish schools, theatres, folklore dancing groups, choirs, sports clubs and many other youth organizations including Polish scouts, to practical help for war invalids, the sick, and the old people, also looking after Polish monuments and commemorations of those who are no longer with us. The Polish Ex-Combatants Association in Great Britain has 69 Branches and also runs activities from 17 clubs throughout the country. The World Federation under the same name is active in 20 countries of the world with 15,000 members.

The year 2007 was decreed by the Polish Parliament as


General W. Anders , Leader of Poles in exile paid a visit to Northwick Park camp in 1952.

The Polish Ex-Combatants Association Branch No.340 in Cheltenham, with their chairman Mr.Czesław Maryszczak, who is also the chairman of SPK Great Britain and the World Federation, organized the renovation of the old grotto which was build in the early 50s opposite the then camp's chapel and placing a plaque and obelisk commemorating all the Polish DP camps that were situated in Gloucestershire. As a teenager, in the early 50s, Mr. Maryszczak was a resident of Northwick Park Camp.

Of the 8 Camps, that were scattered throughout Gloucestershire; Fairford and Daglingworth, near Cirencester, Stowel Park near Northleach, Babdon near Tetbury, Staveton and Underwood near Cheltenham, Springhill and Northwick near Blockley, only Springhill has some buildings still standing and Northwick survived almost intact. Nothing remains of the other camps except for a few memories.

Czesław Maryszczak chairman of SPK Great Britain and the World Federation.

H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Barbara Tuge-Erecińska with Czesław Maryszczak.

Cllr. Mavis Lady Dunrossil with Czesław Maryszczak

Cllr. Mavis Lady Dunrossil and H.E. Mrs. Barbara Tuge-Erecińska

H.E. Mrs. Barbara Tuge-Erecińska

H.E. Mrs. Barbara Tuge-Erecińska, Cllr. Mavis Lady Dunrossil and Czesław Marycszczak

Children in national dress presented flowers to the Ladies.

Over 300 ex-residents of Gloucestershire camps gathered around the grotto.

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There is a public footpath passing the grotto used by many ramblers. With the plaque now in place they will wonder no more about this strange little building and the short history of Polish Displace People that once lived in the barracks and Nissen huts. Their memory will live on.

Janka Jałowiecka ( Strach) embracing Zbyszwk Anton with Teresa Mulligan (Bojarska) looking on.

Bożena Brophy (Wolbin ) and Ula Turowicz (Szwabiak)

Janka Jałowiecka ( Strach) and Jadźka Glauds ( Patras)

Helka Crane (Gibas) Jadźka Glauds ( Patras) Regina Danyluk (Fiedosiuk)

Bożena Brophy (Wolbin ) and Regina Danyluk (Fiedosiuk)

Irka Strach (Bachryj) and Tadek Strach greeting old friends.

Marian Zubek, Jasia Krabbe(Białosiewicz), Krysia Corr ( Sosańska)

Teresaa Jałowiecka (Strach) Regina Danyluk (Fiedosiuk) Inka Macdonald (Tunikowska) Basia Sawyer (Bedryjowska)

Dashwood Balchatchet Basia Sawyer (Bedryjowska), Władek Lichtar.

Jasia Krabbe (Białosiewicz), Marysia and Jasia Gibas, Zdzichu Anton.

Mietek and Jadwiga Krl (Oko) and Gienek Zdanko.

Mira Bożemska, Inka Macdonald (Tunikowska) Zosia Biegus(Hartman), Wiesia Saternus.

Krysia Lichtar (Genko), Jadźka Glauds ( Patras), Bożena Brophy (Wolbin ), Inka McDonald (Tunikowska), Mira Bożemska

Helka Crane (Gibas), Jadźka Glauds ( Patras), Regina Danyluk (Fiedosiuk)

Janek Piotrowski, Mirek Ostryński, Tadek Gostomski, and Zbyszek Piotrowski

? ? Ula Turowicz (Swabiak), Hanka Śpiewakowska (Martynowicz)

This used to be a blank wall of the communal kitchen, Now with 3 picture windows looking out on to a garden it is transformed in to a cosy caf.

One of the display boards inside the Caf

Helka Crane (Gibas), Jurek Bojarski, Teresa Mulligan (Bojarska) Jadźka Glauds ( Patras), Marysia Gibas, Krysia Lichtar (Genko),

Teresa Mulligan (Bojarska) Marysia Gibas, Jadźka Glauds

( Patras), Helka Crane (Gibas), Jasia Micallef (Gibas) Rosmary Robb. Jurek Bojarski

Jadźka Glauds ( Patras), Rosmary Robb. Jurek Bojarski

Teresa Mulligan (Bojarska) Jasia Micallef (Gibas)

Marysia Gibas, Helka Crane (Gibas),

Chairman Czesław Maryszczak, Kazik Izmjłowicz relaxing after the ceremony

Cllr. Mavis Lady Dunrossil with past residents.

Zbyszek Franczuk Adela Rottner Teresa Franczuk

Hanka Śpiewakowska (Martynowicz), Dziunek Kiczma, Regina Danyluk (Fiedosiuk)

Zosia Biegus signing copies of the commemorative book "History of Northwick Park Polish D.P. Canp." which she produced specially for the occasion

After the ceremonya few moments of reflection.

Photographs by "The_ Rascals@talktalk.net"

Buy valsartan tablets Blockley Cemetery

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Wellbutrin xl 150 mg 30 film tablet

Life in a typical Polish DP Camp