General Anders Visits


In the 50's General Wladysław Anders, leader of all Poles in exile, visited all the Polish DP camps in England, Scotland and Wales and in 1952 he paid a visit to our camp. Poles from nearby camps such as Springhill Lodges, Long Marston and Daglingworth came to greet their leader. It was a big event as 3000 people congregated at Northwick Park to hear him deliver a message of hope and encouragement



General Anders on his visit to Northwick Park, 1952.


General Anders in Northwick Park Camp surrounded by happy smiling Polish exiles as he delivers his speech of hope. Yet most of those people listening never saw  Poland again.


Some of the children pictured with the General, back row:-

Kazia Liniewicz, unknown boy, Danka Starzyńska, Zosia Hartman,  Ewa Dymitrów, Basia Krasnodębska, unknown.


Marysia Liniewicz, Basia Arbaszewska, Marysia and Zosia Kurjata.


This  large article about the visit can be found in The Evesham Journal archives entitled Free Poles greet their leader dated Saturday 26 July 1952, page 10.


General Władysław Anders in Long Marston 7/10/1951


Some ten miles from Northwick Park was Long Marston, a Royal Engineers depot, with about 500 Polish demobilised solders living and working  in the  camp. Camp A and camp B. Major Tadeusz Poliszewski was the camps' commandant. When General Anders visited Long Marston in 1951 Poles from Northwick Park laid on a show of national dance, song and poetry.

Polish song and  dance group from Northwick Park with general Anders.

On stage in Long Marston 1951

General Anders receiving flowers from Zosia Hartman guided by Major Poliszewski.





Northwick Park