Tadeusz Lecki  was born in 1929 in Rokitni Warsaw. in 1941 the family were deported by the Germens to Austria to work camps. With the end of  hostilities in 1945 the family were transported  with the Polish army to  in Italy.  In Italy Tadeusz was enrolled to the Polish technical school in Barletta  and in 1946/7 the school was transferred to the UK to Lilford were in 1949 he completed his education.

Tadeusz sent in the following eight photos if any one can name the people in the photos please get in touch. 




Tadeusz Lecki, Lach.


Tadeusz is in the light suit, he remembers just one name on the photo, Lunacki,


Sojka, Rodowicz and Tadeusz Lecki


Tadeusz with friends  Lachem





Tadeusz Lecki


Tadeusz Lecki

Tadeusz Lecki and

Zygmuntem Podgurskim



 The Nicholas Copernicus Secondary School – Grammar and Technical.


Photos from three of the Polish secondary boarding schools in England. Bottisham (Cambridgeshire), Diddington (Huntingtonshire)

and Lilford Hall, near Achurch (Northants) By 1955 the three and one Polish girls boarding school combined at Lilford and in summer of 1957 Lilford closed when the last intake of pupiles graduated, left.

The Nicholas Copernicus Secondary School – Grammar and Technical.


Zdzisław Chołaj, Edek Balbuza, Krzysztof Kubisz,

Władek Cichorz

Rysiek Adamczyk, Krzysztof Kubisz, Andrzej Gutman, Marian Jagiełka, Antek Babula.


Pupils of both the Grammar and Technical streams.  Putting names to that lot is too complicated


Krzysztof Kubisz, Władek Cichorz, Włodarczyk(?), Gienek Chyłek, Andrzej Gutman, Rysiek Adamczyk,   ?Wach,  Źutek Morawski, Józek Reda, ? Szczygłoski, Tadek Opioła.

The person standing on extreme left is Lebanese, the only one not Polish in the school. I remember him from Beirut, but not his name. He spoke good Polish even in Lebanon. Great individual.


Some of the names


Standing:- Antek Babula, Tadek Opiola, Szymanski, Marian Jagiełka, Tadek Łukawski, Władek  Cichorz,  Andrzej Radałowicz, ? Weber, Edek Balbuza, Krzysztof Kubisz, Ryszard  Adamczyk, Wojtek Grzeskowiak, Andrzej Gutman, Józek(Zutek) Morawski.


Sitting:- Edek Dobrowolski, Maria Podhorodecka,

Krystyna Sikora,

 Mr Scheybal, Józek Reda, Zdzisław Chołaj.


Mr Scheybal, I believe the spelling is correct, was a first class maths teacher. His writing on blackboard was a work of art. So neat, almost a fetish. Affectionately known as “Dziadek”, in English “elderly”.


Lilford, 1957.Oundle village hall Friday night dance

A group of us would sneak out the back way and cycle some four miles to Oundle for the weekly dance. Teachers didn’t know, so we believed. Certainly not Dr Bornholtz, the head master

Władek Cichorz, Marian Jagiełka, Zdziszek Chołaj.


I remember Gienek Chylek was a frequent visitor. All the girls had eyes for him. Bright, good looking, would sing to them and best dancer around. He was also good at lessons and at all sports. He is on the sport photo.


Władek Cichorz, Marian Jagielka, Rysiek Adamczyk.


Illegal (not supervised by a teacher) swim near the boathouse next to Lilford Hall. Hiding in the rushes of river Nene. Just beyond these few rushes there was open water safe for swimmers and learners. Unsupervised swimming was a punishable offence. We escaped


Old boys reunion in P.O.S.K. London 16/10/2013 

Back row, left to right:

Staszek Jarmuż, Bogus Buchinger, Adam Niedenthal, Karol Wolski, Krzysztof Rowiński, Zygmunt Podhorodecki, Adam Kuras, Zygmunt Sobolewski, Wojtek Grzeskowiak, Edek Lipiński, Heniek Pakuła

Middle row:

Staszek Jarosławski, Franek Stępień, Janusz Kinasz, Wiesiek Komędedera, Reniek Ciruk, Edek Król, Bohdan Gołowczyński,

Józek Snarski, Janusz Wolski, Maciej Giertych, Andrzej Radałowicz, Andrzej Czerniajew, Bogus Wróblewski, Stach Jankowski,

Antek Kozłowski.

Front row:

Jacek Dąbrowski, Tadek Szpojnarowicz, Janusz Stawarz, Bolek Indyk, Bogdan Szwagrzak, Antek Szyszko, Julek Jachim,

Romek Juchniewicz, Witek Szymański, Andrzej Lipiński.

On floor:  Heniek Żurawiel, Wiktor Szyszko, Piotr Szyszko.

Old boys reunion in P.O.S.K. London 13 May 2015

Back row, left to right:

Zygmunt Sobolewski, Franek Stępień, Karol Wolski, Józek Morawski, Zygmunt Podhorodecki, Rysiek Konop,

Jurek świątkiewicz, Janusz Kinasz

Third row:

Witek Pietruszko, Wicek Kraunialis ,nad nim głowa – Paweł Konończuk, Janek Maślona, Wiesiek Kotlarz,

Romek Kubisz, Edek Lipinski,

Wojtek Grześkowiak, Adaś Niedenthal, Władek Cichorz, Tadek Herhenreder, Rysiek Kuraś, partly obscured - Maciej Giertych,

Heniek środoń, Staszek Jarosławski, Andrzej Czerniajew, Reniek Ciruk

Second row:

Antek Kozłowski, Janusz Stawarz, Bogdan Szwagrzak, Krzysztof Rowiński, Bohdan Gołowczyński, Piotr Szyszko,

Antek Szyszko, Tadek Szpojnarowicz, Edek Bąk, Andrzej Radałowicz

First row:

Staszek Jarmuż, Janusz Wolski, Bronek Szynalski, Heniek Żurawiel, Wiktor Szyszko, Boguś Buchinger, Heniek Pakuła


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