Edward Mleczko came to England  as a  cadet in 1946  and was  demobilised in Hodgemoor camp.

Deported with his mother Katarzyna and younger brother Władysław to Siberia in 1940 Edward Mleczko joined the General Anders army as a young cadet and was sent to Palestine for training.  As civilians his mother and brother were sent to one of the displaced persons camps in Africa.

His mother and brother sailed to England on the MV Carnarvon  Castel arriving in Southampton on the 28th of June 1948 and were reunited after 8 years of separation.. They lived in Hodgemoor camp were Edward became very active as a youth leader, establishing a football team, becoming their manager and wining many trophies. He left the camp in 1961.

Edward Mleczko club chairman with trophy cups,  you can just see the nissen huts that people lived in.

Jerzy Terpilowski, Henryk Wegrzyk, Jzef Kisiel, Henryk Kornas, Henryk Lewandowski, Zygmunt Kozlowski, and chairman of the club Edward Mleczko.


General Anders meeting the team.


A social gathering in the camp's main hall "a large nissen hut" Edward Mleczko making a speech



Adam Kułakiewicz, Weronika ?,  Jadzia Wasilewska, Edward Mleczko, Gienio Szwetko.

Fr. Józef Madeja christening  Elżbieta Mleczko. The God Parents are Irena Busiakiewicz and Władyslaw Mleczko 1959


A family group outside the camp's chapel



Corpus Christy Procession in the 50s

Edward Mleczko and friend out side the chapel and the newly erected Bell tower

The lady in the centre keeping her eye on the children, is Blanka Potocka a teacher at the Polish school in Hodgemoor. Photo donated by Henry Wizgier


Most of the photos on this page were given by the widow of Edward Mleczko

Mrs. Mleczko  has little information about the two photos above other than that they were taken in Hodgmoor camp in the late 40s early 50s . If anyone knows any of the people or the occasion please . Email  Zosia
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