Many of the Poles that lived in Fairford camp were married in the little church of St. Thomas of Canterbury  in Fairford.


The church cemetery is also the final resting place for those who died in the camp. Some graves are unmarked.


Many babies were born in the camp, sadly  there was a very high mortality rate and something like a quarter of the thirty or so Polish graves in the little cemetery are of babies.



Baby Michaś Wojciechowski  4th December 1949

Baby Krystyna Gałązka  born 28th February 1949 died 11th July 1949

Baby Stefan Wasowski


Dr. Ewa Rajewska-Przesmycka 29/10/71 age 70 Maria Trock 26/3/1955 age 60

Jadwiga Rorzon 1/10/1930-1/8/1955

Jan Korzoń 11/12/1907-11/7/1955

Stefan Paws----? 1907-1953


Andzej Szeliga 1889-1953 and Wikror Szeliga 1892-1977

Wanda Świtkowska born in Jasie Poland  21/1/1868 died in Fairford England 23/7/1949

Jadwiga Organisciak 20/8/1888-2/5/1952

Marian Kieffor 25/3/1925-12/6/1953



Kazimerz Przełecki 24/2/1897 - 21/2/1953

Zofia Plutecka  27/7/1955 Tadeusz Plutecki 9/9/25-23/12/1988



Jan Szeliga 7/1/1925 in Poland 14/4/1989 in England

Feliks Szejkowski 25/11/1919-12/6/1964 and Czeslaw Szejkowski 28/6/1969

Aniela Gasienica 1875-1955


Wojciech Gawlinski 12/3/1898-19/7/1959

Rozalia Jandy 13/4/1926-16/3/1961

Rozalia Jandy 13/4/1926-16/3/1961

Sawa Mosiejczuk born in Powiat Stolin Woj Poleśie Poland 22/3/1891 died in England 6/8/1955




In one corner of the cemetery propped up against the wall is this white cross the worn plaque that was hard to read.


Baby ?Szanto 23/5/1955-30/10/1955

Zofia Pawlaczek 27/4/1955 age 62

Stanisław Porzyczek 5/10/1954

Antoni Świergon 1874-29/7/1950 Zofia Świergon 1879- 6/10/1965

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