General Władysław Anders visits Fairford camp 1953


During the late 40s and early 50s General Władysław Anders did the rounds of all Polish camps and hostels throughout the UK. Enthusiastic Poles gathered in their thousands to welcome him wherever he went. Although a controversial figure to some, the overwhelming majority hailed him as a national hero and saviour of the hundreds of thousands Poles whom he led out of Siberian exile during WW2.


He was greeted with great enthusiasm by his, now demobilised, soldiers, dignitaries and officials, women and children as they all listened intently to his speeches of hope of returning to a free Poland. Sadly most people seen on the photos did not live to see the day.


Mr. Bolesław Wojciechowski welcoming Gen. Anders


Mr. Bolesław Wojciechowski, the camp's official interpreter and General Sulik with welcoming party greeting General Anders.

Right. Alina Labuz presenting flowers to General Anders.


Many handshakes, many smiles. General Anders greeted by many happy Poles.


Reception in a nissen hut;  Mr. B. Wojciechowski,  Vicar delegate for Poles in England and Wales Ks. Infułat Stanisław Michalski, General Anders, Dr. Rajewska with Polish and English dignitaries.


Ks. Infułat Stanisław Michalski,  General Anders enjoying a concert given by the hostel residents.

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