Sutton-on-the-Forest Cemetery


About two miles from were East Moor camp was situated is the pretty little village of Sutton-on-the-Forest with a church and cemetery. There are about 50 Polish headstones in the cemetery of people who once lived in East Moor Polish Hostel. Some are still well looked after but sadly others are forgotten, illegible and a handful are hidden in deep undergrowth. Let us not forget that these people were driven out of their country through WW2 and came to England looking for sanctuary.


A little Polish corner.

Teresa Radziejewska 1949-1952

Tadeusz Bednarz 1949-1949

Ryszard Wózek 1951-1952


Jozef Iwaszkiewicz 1904-1950

Józef Matyś Sargent Polish 2nd Corps 1901-1954


Tomasz Pałubiak 1892-1949


Jan Gurgacz 1886 - 1950

Wiktor Choino 1888-1950

Aniela Smal 6/8/1887-30/4/1952



Ewa Sokulska 1947-1951

Dr. Med. J. Jasiewicz - Syn Ziemi Wileńskiej 10/5/1955 age 65

Wachmistrz Antoni Maj      31/5/1909-4/2/1956

Zofia Jaroszewska 1887-1962

W. Pakuza 18/5/1907-3/7/1966


Aniela Opioła 1904-1951

Wladysalw Zalega 12.10/1928-8/9/1951

Jozef Wózek 1912-1953

Józef Piller 11/3/1896-8/3/1954


Jadwiga Marcinkowska 1950-1952

Maria Slek 1878-1953

Jan Stanisz 1922- 1954

Andrzej Wawryń 1912-1954


Michał Nar------icz 188? - 1953

Konstanty Rdultowski Senator R.P. 1880- 1953

Por. Romuald Kwiatkowski 1884-1955 Wiktoria Kwiatkowsa 1910- 2002

Józef Głab 29/6/1896-8/12/1955


Zofia Szulc1885-1956

 Boleslaw Szulc 1892-1984



Andrzj Ciacia born Kielce Poland 25-11-1885 died 2-5-1959


Zachariasz Mazur 1888-1957

Jan Wełana 22/8/1899-6/10/1958

Zygmunt Podhorodecki 1892-1959



R. Mazur 1880-1960

Józef Pióro 1904-1959

Jan Ogiela died 1971 age 65

Anastazia Ogiela Died 1975 age 74


Jan Przyszlak1886-1965 Józef Dyrdał 1904-1961

Stanislaw Leśniak 15/4/1892-26/2/1960

Ludwik Maj 1877-1960

Jozef Maciejewski 1/1/1960 age 67


Tadeusz Michalski 15/7/1900- 10/2/1986 Apolinia Michalska 23/4/1918-18/3/1989

Eugenia Pakuza1905-1990

Kazimiera Pakuza 1/4/1926-17/5/2007

Helena Buła 5/1/1917-26/9/1991

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