EAST MOOR  camp photos.

Teresa BIELIŃSKA was born in Penley Polish hospital in 1947.  Her mother Stanisława and brother Janusz sailed to England on the S.S. Empress of Australia from  NAPLES to LIVERPOOL arriving on the 16th of August 1946.
For a short time the family  lived in Carr Lane Camp, Willerby, Hull before  moving to East Moor camp (hostel) in Yorkshire. They first lived on Site 1 then, as people were leaving the camp, they moved to Site 3 and finally to Site 5.  By then Sites 1 to 4 were completely empty. Her brother Janusz attended East Moor school for a very short time but was then sent to Shephalbury Mansion in Stevenage. Her  mother  worked at Rowntrees for a long time and Teresa attended full time nursery and  then the camp school until the latter part of 1956. She  remembers clearly, in the summer of 1956, the school being totally emptied. Where the children went to school after that she has no idea.

Janusz and Teresa with their mother.

Janusz, Teresa and their dad.

Teresa on site 1.  they lived in the barrack behind her


In 1954 Teresa's mother re-married. Teresa's stepfather, Stanisław Drozd, came to England .with  General Anders army as part of the PRC.  For a long time he could  not work due to a war injury but he was a keen photographer and photographed many events in the camp.

Below is a selection of his photos from the camp's life about which Teresa has little or no information and she would like to give them to anyone for whom they would be more meaningful . If you recognise yourself on the photos or can help in identifying names please Contact me.




 Nursery. Are you on this photo?    


Can you name anyone,  who is the teacher?



On the photo are; Sabina Leszczyńska, Jagoda Sorokowska, Basia Kozłowska, the teacher is J Libertowicz, Janusz bieliński, Wojtek Serkiewicz, Krzysiek Kwiatkowski, Wojtek chrzanowski, Jacek Śerkiewicz, Teresa Bielinska and Dubanik? - do you recognise anyone else?


A few facts which can be found in the National Archives in Kew


Between 1948 and the camp's closure, there were many people involved in the education of Polish children in East Moor, below are just a few of the names.

In 1952 staff at the school were:-
 Education Organiser Mr. B. Dytrich
Primary School  Head Teacher - Mr. J. Libertowicz
Assistants- Miss M. Kościałowska and Mr. M. Duzel
All the above have Polish teaching qualifications


Mrs. Sander, Mrs. Polańska and part-time English teacher Mrs. Kitchman.

In 1956 with 140 children in the primary school the Headmaster was Mr. A.Szydzik

Nursery school with 36 children was Mrs. M. Bitner.


By 1957 there were 40 children in the school with new headmaster Mr. W. Werc

There were also 44 children in English schools and 35 of them attended the Polish Saturday school in the camp with Fr. B. Zabłudowski teaching religion and Mrs. J. Piotrowska Mrs. I. Osinska and Mrs. J. Chrzanowska teaching Polish Language, History and Geography.



Church, First Holy Communion and Corpus Christi Processions



Józek Ogiela on the left, Teresa is on the right  front. Can you name any one else?


 Józek Ogiela on the left sitting down, third from the right Kazia Chrominska. Are you on this photo? font>



First Communion, what year?






Are you on this photo, can you name anyone, what year was it?




Christening. Who is it?



What is this occasion?


A funeral procession leaving the church in the camp.


Performances in the 1950s



In the  bird costume Kazia Chrominska



Girl on right  is Sabina Leszczynska. Can you name anyone else?


Sabina Leszczynska is on the right. 


Nativity play " Szopka" Mrs. Sachanek as Mary and Mr. Aleksander Chrzanowski as Joseph, who are the other people?


Nativity play, are you on this photo?

27 This event is the commemoration of the battle for Monte Cassino where Polish forces captured the monastery on the mountaintop, enabling the allies to advance through Italy. The children are dressed as poppies relating to the Polish song composed after the victory called "Red Poppies at Monte Cassino" " Czerwone Maki na Monte Cassino"


Do you recognise anyone?



A pageant celebration the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.




The occasion is the 3rd of May celebration in the camp hall.


 Teresa on the right


In the camp's hall. Can you name the occasion?


Folk dancers. Are the two people in the middle are Mr. Dytrych and Miss Sachanek who later became his wife.


People and Social Life



The camps band "Echo" Can anyone name the musicians.


Young people at a dance.


The camp's Choir, are you on this photo?


Is that Mr. S. Polankiewicz rehearsing with the choir.

41 Can you name anyone? 42 Kasik Skotny sitting on right, what was this event?


What event is this?


Mietek Baran with other young people from the camp



45   46   47

Teresa is on the right. Do you know the others?


Jan Bieliński



Is this a day trip or some other occasion, does any one know?


In the middle is Stanisław Drozd, who are the other three people?



Who is the bride?

52   53

Were they the brides maids?


Three attractive ladies, who are they?



Who is this?

56   57  


58 Nursing staff can you name anyone? 59 Is this the camp's sickbay?

60 Where is this and  can you name anyone? 61 Is this a ward in Penley Hospital? Who is the doctor?


We would like to know if anyone can identify this place? Is it Penley hospital, Llanerch Panna or Iscoyed Park Hospital? if you can identify please contact me.


One of many war cemeteries where Polish soldiers are buried.  Does anyone know were this is? Can you identify the people?

If you lived in the camp and would like to share your memories and photos please  contact



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