Zbyszek Piotrowski  came to England  in 1948 and as he was of secondary school age he was sent to the "Polish Mikołaj Kopernik boarding  school" in  Diddington. Zbyszek came home to his family for his Christmas, Easter and summer holidays His mother , father , sister Krystyna and younger brother Andzej  Piotrowski  lived in Hogemoor Camp .


Zbigniew  Piotrowski by the tuck shop.

Zbigniew with Włodek ?

Zbigniew is  on the left with a hat on. Can you name any one else?


These are the manes that could be deciphered from the signatures. From left to right -

1st row sitting on the grass; Nos 3 Czesław Maryszczak, 4 Zbyszek Piotrowski, 6 Mieczysław Woźniak,

Middle row; 3 Jerzy Bok, 4 Józef Smolinski, 7 Adam Wieczorek, 8 Dolek (Adolf) Gnyp.

 Top row  5 Gustaw Radwanski, 7 Kazimierz Izmajłowicz.

Can you name the others?



Zbigniew  (sitting in the middle of first row) Czesław Maryszczak middle back row.

Zbigniew Piotrowski is in the middle of the second row. Can you name anyone else?


Zbigniew  Piotrowski (last on right)

 Students out side the tuck shop. Zbigniew  Piotrowski (last row standing second from right)

Photos sent in Helen Bitner who's late husband  Ryszard Bitner-Glindzicz

 attended  both Bottisham school near Cambridge and  Diddington school you can read his story on

 Story 6 by Helen Bitner

Helen has also published a book " A SONG FOR KRESY"  A story of War, of Loss and of the Bitneri-Glindzicz family's survival.    

Bottisham 1948 form 2B

Bottisham 1952 taking "0" level exams


Winners of the school chess tournament1953

Ryszard Bitner-Glindzicz, Andrzej Giedroyć, W. Kalinowski

Ryszard with some of his freinds


General Władyslaw Anders visiting the school in Diddington

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