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More photos of people, culture and life in the camp.



With a view of  Nissen huts in camp no.1 Kazimiera Cynkar, Jadwiga Trojanowska, Danuta Kaczmar.1954

Camp no.1 Jurek Wikiel and Jadwiga Trojanowska 1954


On the bridge with the manor house in the background Jadwiga Trojanowska, Edward Zieja, Danuta Kaczmar, Kazimiera Cynkar.

View of camp no.2 with the wooden huts Jadwiga Trojanowska, Jurek Wikiel and Kazimiera Cynkar.


In most cases, the huts were divided into three separate living areas with entrances at each end of the hut and one in the middle. This meant that  each family had it's own front door. Every scrap of  land around the  huts was utilised for growing vegetables to supplement the diet and flowers to enhance the drab looking huts. Most of the photos were taken in the 1950s.


Marian Borzyszkowski by Mrs. Makarewicz's hut. She is in the background in her garden

Marian on a path with huts and gardens on both sides.

You can see a vegetable patch in the right.


Photo taken by hut 11a; in the background, a good view of how the ground around the huts was given over to growing vegetables and flowers.

Tadzik Mazur and Powroznik at the door of hut 11a

Leszek Biegański with his mother and father standing outside their hut.

Mr. Biegański added a home built porch to the entrance of their hut, this was not typical for the other huts

Hanka Woropaj in her garden with Teresa Jagiełło.

Leszek Biegański with his Easter basket.  Looking on is Romek Stemplewski. 1963

Marian Borzyszkowski with his Godmother Mrs. Janina Paluszkiewicz

Teresa Paluszkiewicz in her favourite blue duffel coat with white hood trim


Jadwiga and Kazimierz Jagiełło

Looking very smart in their Sunday best is Władysław and Zdzisława Jagiełło with daughter Teresa.


Having to live in primitive conditions in a new country with little or no language skills the adult population found it hard to adapt.


But the  children  quickly learnt the language and  had a happy, care free life in the camp where they were always well looked after.


Photo on the left.

  Andrzej Makarewicz , Zdziszek Makarewicz, Liz Pasiak,  Andrzej Ościak, Romek Stemplewski, Andrzej Burandt, Stan Pasiak.Ted Broniek, Czesio Paluszkiewicz, Irena Broniek, Jurek Packalόw, Ted Mazur, Basia Ościak, Andrzej Piekiełko, Lucy Packalόw.


 Zosia Krawczyna, Tadek Bronak, Hanka Woropaj

In the early 1950s an organisation "National Catholic Welfare Conference" based in the USA distributed food parcels to displaced children in many of the Polish camps that were scattered throughout  the UK at the time. This could be one of these occasions as the annotation on the photo states. 

  "A happy group of welfare foods children.  Holding  Zbyszek Pachowski is Dr. A. Trusewicz medical officer at Ashby Folville camp"

Each year around Whitsun, pilgrimages were organised from most camps throughout the UK to two Polish  boarding schools, one in Pitsford Northamptonshire for girls and the other in Fawley Court Henley on Tames  for boys. These annual gatherings had not only a religious significance but were also important  socially.  Above is a group from Ashby in Pitsford. 1950s




All children eventually attended English schools but it was important that their native Polish language was not forgotten. In most of the camps Saturday Morning classes were set up where the children were taught not only to read and write in Polish but learnt about Polish culture and history. Below is a selection of photos showing the various activities in the camp.


Sitting in thecentre holding Andrzej Rudko is Mrs. Łyczak the school teacher. Middle row l to r  Ted Mazur (Deceased), Andrzej Piekiełko, Basia Ościak,  Teresa Paluszkiewicz, Reniek Pachowski (Deceased), Michał Węgrzyn, Czesio Paluszkiewicz. Back row l to r  Zosia Rudko, Marysia Węgrzyn, Ted Broniek, Irena Broniek (Deceased), Ted Węgrzyn, Jasia Węgrzyn.  

On the blackboard is written ""Szkółka Polska w Ashby Folville";

Polish School in Ashby Folville.

Children in national dress, on stage with Mrs. Łyczak (teacher, camp's Polish school), Fr. Starostka, and Mrs. Heawood, celebrating one of the national days. Judging from the decoration on the stage, it looks like The Soldiers Day which is celebrated on the anniversary of "Cud Nad Wisłą" Miracle on the Vistula on the 15th August.


Mrs Lola Ostromecka with children from the camp on the steps of the manor house

Miecio Opelt, Henryk Wozniak, Jurek Kajrys, in the national dress Hanka Eoropaj.Can you name any one else ?


6th December - St. Nicholas day


 Hanka Woropaj and unknown girl. Hanka Woropaj

Can you name anyone?


A dance troupe ready for a performance

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