Petworth camp West Sussex 


Petworth camp build on Lord Lekonfield's Estate just outside the town of Petworth, was a former WWII Tank Holding Camp prior to D-Day used by 27th Armoured Brigade, 48th General Hospital. In 1946 became a Polish PRC camp occupied by the 10 regiment of the Hussars


Mjr. Mieczyslaw Roman Pajak was Commendant of the Camp

 September 1946 Mjr. Mieczyslaw Roman Pajak is seated second from left-to his left mjr.Zaniewski, next the Commanding Office10th Regiment Hussars A. Smodliwoski next  rtm. A .Kossakowski


Mjr. Mieczyslaw Roman Pajak second from the left.

 Mjr. Pajak re-united with his family in Petworth camp 16th June 1947


Jerzy Jeżewski went through Petworth camp after coming from Italy in 1946. He took part in the Warsaw uprising and was taken to a German POW camp near Ingolstadt (Germany) where he was freed by the Allied advance and joined 2nd Corp in Italy. He is the one on the left in the photo with the camp sign


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