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Looking at the photos from Delemere Camp or any of the other† Polish Displaced Persons' Camps that were scattered throughout the UK in the late 40s, 50s and early 60s the pattern of life was almost identical. As most Poles are devout Catholics it was important to have a central place of worship in the camp so one of the large metal nissen huts was converted into a church and the camp's spiritual life† revolved around it.† This is where Sunday masses, daily services, Christenings, First Holy Communion, and funerals were celebrated.

The nissen hut that served as a chapel meeting the spiritual needs of the people in the camp

A Service taking place inside the chapel


Every year on the nearest Sunday to Corpus Christi† four altars were built, in prominent† places in the camp, by the Polish Catholic community and every one turned out to take part in the procession which wound its way through the camp to the four altars that represent† the four gospels.

As I began to collect photographs for this web site it struck me that they were overwhelmingly to do with children. That's when I looked back and realised that, until the mid '50-s, most Poles in the camps expected an early return to a free Poland so their first priority was to ensure that their children were brought up not only to speak Polish but to know Polish history, culture and traditions. In the event it took 45 years for Poland to become free again by when they and their children had integrated into British society and enriched it with their culture.

Mietek Baran, Zbyszek Kozłowski, Zbyszek Juszczyk, Ryszard Smoleński.

Ewa Bednarska, Trudzia Bednarska, Marian Kaziewicz, Halina Szulc,

In the '50s Ks. Infułat Bronisław Michalski from the Polish Catholic Mission in London visited most of the Polish Camps in the UK.

First Communion 1954

Priest Antoni Mańturzyk with Children taking their first Holy Communion:- Tadek Zakrzewski, Jurek Majewicz, Zbyszek Baran, Zosia Celebańska, Basia Szmigileska, Halina Szulc, Hania Pogodzinska, Ewa Kulesza, Jurek Kędzior, Zbyszek Drabicki, Zdziszek Franeczek, Zbyszek Brzezicki, Elżbieta Sobczyńska.

Hania Adamska, Krystyna D ąbrowska, Hala Holzman, Dorota Sibiga, with mothers Maria Dąbrowska, Janina Holzman, Sasia Sibiga Mrs. Mrozińska with daughter Irka and son Ryszard. 1957

Children and parents outside the church.


Polish national dancing was taught from an early age.

Social Cultural Event† by children who attended Polish Saturday School

Krysia Kędzior, Halina Holzman, Czesław Nowicki, Bożena?, Marek Wieczerzak, Dorota Sibiga - 1954

Halina Szulc, Czesław Nowicki, Basia Szmigielska, Ala Raba, Jurek Kędzior, Iwonka Korzeniowska, Krysia Kędzior, Marysia Okaj, Zbyszek Drabycki, Wiesiek W√≥jcik, Elżbieta Sobczyńska .

Halina Szulc and Marek Weiczerzak 1950s

Celebrating 11th November Independence Day

Basia Sokołowska, Iwonka Korzeniowska, Halina Szulc, Stasia Juszczyk, Ala Raba.


First group of Polish Children who travelled† from Delamere Camp to St. Werburghs School in Chester arranged by Fr. Antoni Mańturzyk 1950s.

Scout and Brownies Celebrating Christmas in a nissen hut. with Fr. Antoni Mańturzyk

Elżunia Szlamka, Marysia Klita, Stasia Juszczyk, Zbyszek Juszczyk, Zbyszek Drabicki, Krysia Kędzior, Krzysio Kulesza, Zosia Drabicka, Halina Szulc, Zbyszek Baran, Basia Szmigielska, Jurek Kędzior, Iwonka korzeniowska, Andzej Szlamka.

Basia Szmigielska, Tadek Zakrzewski, ? Nowicki, HalinaPogodzinska, Halina Szulc, Iwonka Korzeniowska, Dorota Sibiga, Wanda Zakrzewska, Basia Grobel, Zbyszek Baran, Zbyszek Brzeźicki, Zdzisław Rraneczek, Luba Dekteriff.

Father Christmas with visits the camp. The little girl standing in the middle is Basia Sokołowska, she emigrated in the 1950s to the USA.† Halina Szulc is sitting at the end in the right side corner.

Agnieszka Szulc with daughter Halina. In the† background are the† barracks they lived in.

Jan Szulc with daughter Halina.† Mr. Szulc was a teacher and musician he played the accordian and violin and also had a Polish band.

If you lived in Delamere Park Camp and have photos and a story to tell please contact me.

†††††††††† ††††††††† Page 1 †Sildenafil rezeptfrei europa

†††††††††† †††††††††† ††††††††††††† †††††††††††† Page 2 Current Page life in the camp.

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